What Are The Tips And Tricks To Spice Up Anal Sex With Escorts?

Regular vaginal penetration seems boring for most men after a certain duration of time. The most effective way to spice up the game between sheets is by opting for anal sex. However, if you have no experience humping through the rear position, there are some tips and tricks to know. Listed are some strategies that will come in handy when you want to indulge in intense anal sex with an escort. 

Why Do Most People Love Anal Sex?

Irrespective of their gender, most people nowadays are increasingly in favor of anal sex. It is a way of breaking free from the boredom of vaginal and vanilla sex. A key reason behind the popularity of anal sex is the stimulation of the prostate. So, if you find this type of stimulation highly pleasurable anal sex is a suitable option. –

On the other hand, anal sex isn’t associated with pregnancy. Even if you are having unprotected sex, there is no risk of making your partner pregnant. Men are passionate about sexual variety and anal sex offers them something to experiment with. Anal sex with professional escorts from Listcrawler is always a pleasurable experience because of their experience. 

When you are having anal sex with an escort, there are no strings attached. Moreover, if it is your first time, she will guide you through the entire process. Experienced escorts understand the intricacies of this sexual practice and use lubricants to minimize your discomfort. You can now master in anal sex by hiring escorts and impress your partner. 

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The Anal Foreplay Tips You Should Know 

Anal sex is becoming less of a taboo due to increased sexual awareness. Enjoying butt play has become easier thanks to professional escort services. The ultimate way to enjoy anal sex is to manage your expectations. For instance, if it is your first time, you can never expect to experience orgasms rocking your whole body. 

The call girl will make you play around with your fingers and work your way up. She will ensure that you start from the rim of her butthole before inserting your penis. Listed are some anal foreplay tips that will be of immense help during intense moments. 

Take Note of the Surroundings 

Like other sexual positions and fetishes, the environment can make or break your anal sex experience. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the surrounding environment is romantic and erotic. Moreover, anal sex can be messy at times. Therefore, you should prepare the bed accordingly and make sure not to leave behind any stains. Ask the escort to lay out her toys and lube for maximum comfort. 

Focus on Arousing Your Entire Body 

Undoubtedly, the anus is the star of the show during anal sex. However, you and the escort can have a relaxing experience if you concentrate on the other body parts. Usually, professional escorts rely on a wide range of sex toys and lubricants for proper sexual stimulation. It also allows the call girl to be prepared while you are penetrating her with your penis. 

Build Pace Slowly 

Anal sex is not like vaginal penetration and you must build your pace slowly. Ensure that the escort is lying in a comfortable position so that you can penetrate her anus fully. If it is your first time, the escort will ask you to insert slowly with proper communication. 

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The Best Anal Sex Positions 

Anal sex with professional call girls can be more pleasurable if you follow these positions as listed below. 

Lap Dance 

It is a position that’s suitable for people who are relatively new to anal sex. Customary to its name, the escort will sit on your lap and you can easily enter her from the back with maximum penetration. 

Rear Entry 

Indulging in anal sex in the rear entry position is similar to spooning on the belly. In this position, the call girl lies on her stomach and you enter her from the back. The rear entry position offers maximum sexual pleasure. 

Leap Frog 

The leap frog is a variation of the regular variation of the regular doggy-style sex position. It is a common position for call girls who want to make you moan with ultimate pleasure. 

These are some strategies to keep in mind while enjoying anal sex with professional escorts. At Ladys.One, you can come across bold and sultry call girls who are always eager to indulge in anal sex. All escorts listed on their portal have been appropriately screened and verified.

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