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Sad Punjabi poetry life is for sad people in their life. This Punjabi essay is for sad Punjabis to get rid of their sadness. New poetry in Punjabi can make people sad – Punjabi is famous for sad poetry. People can post announcements. Copy and paste text from the Punjabi sad boy shayari and his famous life. Best baby Shayari sad poetry in 2 lines to 4 lines. You can read the poem with lines from here. Pyaar mein Zindagi sad Punjabi poem who like to read can read it here. The best sad shayari wallpapers in Punjabi can be installed on your mobile. Famous Punjabi and Urdu Poems 2023 can be read here. This year’s popular Sad Shayari in Punjabi 2023 popular read will be found here. Girls can cheer themselves up by reading popular shayari in Punjabi from here. A best friend will listen to a read from here to make his friend sad, so he won’t be mad at you. You can sing sad songs and famous poems to Dad. You can find the saddest boy Punjabi Shayari here. You can find Sad Punjabi Shayari here. You can fill Punjabi and Sad Shayari according to your heart’s desire. You will feel sad boy and perfect Punjabi poetry once in your life. Many things happen in your life. The read will be a legend. In today’s world, it is a famous Punjabi Shayari, which will make you so happy that you will not be able to sleep. Sad Shayari is just words that make people cry but also make them smile. You can copy and paste 2 lines to 4 lines of the sad poem in Punjabi and make Punjabi poem text in English. Punjabi poetry is written by a Punjabi poet, which you will find on this page.

Punjabi Sad Poetry For 2 Line

Sad Poetry
اساں اپنے آپ نو بدل لیا
تو ھسدا رہ ساڈا رب وارث

He changed himself
So has rah Sada Lord heir
Sad Poetry
ویکھ جوانی ڈھلدی پئی
ویکھ بُلاوا موت دا ای

Sikh Jovani was fading away
Watch out for death
Sad Poetry
اساں دل دے ميلے نۂی شاکر
ساکوں يار منافق کھاگۂے ہن

Don’t give me your heart, thank you
Sakon yaar hypocrite eat hun
Sad Poetry
جو مرنے سے پہلے مرجا ۂيں
وہ بد بحت کبھی نہيں مرتے

Those who die before dying
They never die unfortunately

Punjabi Sad Poetry For 4 Line

Sad Poetry
ٹھوکر يں کھاکربھی
نہ سمبھلے تو مسافر کا نصيب
راہوں کے پتھرتو اپنا فرض
ادا کرتے ہيں

Even by stumbling
If not, the fate of the passenger
The stones of the paths are your duty
They pa
Sad Poetry
سجن باجھوں ساہ نۂيں آؤندا
عشق علا راہ نۂيں آؤندا
ھحجرا ساڈے مگروں لہہ جا
تنيون کدھرے پھاہ نۂيں آوندا

Sajjan will not breathe
Love will not come in the way
Hajra Sade but go away
Where will you go
Sad Soetry
دل مر جانا ياد تيری وچ
گم سم ہو يار يہنرا اے
اتوں اتوں دھٹر کی جاندا
وچوں مويا رہنرا اے

The heart dies remembering you
Gum sim ho yaar yahanra oh
That’s where Dhatar’s Janda is
May you guide the middle
Sad Poetry
کجھ بغض دی ريت وچ نۂی ملدا
کجھ ہارتے جيت وچ نۂی ملدا
مخلوق خدا نال پيارتے کر
رب صرف مسيت وچ نۂی ملدا

Some did not get along with each other
There is no difference between winning and losing
God bless the creation
The Lord

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