sad poetry

Dil belongs to everyone. Man has only one heart that gives love to man. Even if this person is trustworthy, he will be unfaithful. You see many people whose hearts are broken and broken. If you don’t like someone. I have the best folk poetry from the heart for you. You can listen best Urdu dil boy read from here. You can send someone a beautiful heart poetry in Urdu. You can send sad urdu from here. Dil Dil’s boyfriend is Shayarwhoch is famous in 2023 and can be in B. You can copy and paste Best Urdu Boy Dil shayari text. You can set popular Urdu girl status Dil shayari and set wallpaper on your mobile. Popular urdu dil poems for boys and girls can be read here. The boys of this age celebrate new dil poetry in urdu 2023 popular and popular can be found here. Girls can cheer up their hearts by reading folk poetry of sad father in urdu from here. A best friend will listen to read from here to make her bad friend happy, so she won’t be mad at you. You can sing sad read and famous dad love poems mom dil. You can find good Urdu shayari and dil here. You can find latest romantic love poetry in Urdu here. People will get dil shayari from any competition in urdu. Other hours. You can fill the dil with this Urdu poetry according to your heart’s desire. People will have a bad impression on urdu poetry of perfection once in your life. Many things happen in your life. The read will be a legend. In today’s world, it is a famous dil shayari, which will give you so much happiness that you will not be able to sleep.

Dil poetry 2 Line

sad poetry
تیرے دل میں مجھے ایسی عمر قید ملے کہ
تھک جائیں سارے وکیل مجھے زمانت نہ ملے

In your heart, I found such a life imprisonment
All the lawyers get tired, I don’t get time
sad poetry
تیرا دل ہی جب پتھر کا تھا
تو میرا نام اس پہ لکھا کیوں تھا

When your heart was of stone
So why was my name written on it?
sad poetry
معذرت خواہ ہوں اے دل
وہ نہیں سن رہے میں کیا کروں

I’m sorry, heart
They don’t listen to what I do
sad poetry
دل لگ جائے گا کسی سے پیار کر کے تو دیکھو
زندگی سنور جائے گی کسی سے دل لگا کر تو دیکھو

If you fall in love with someone, watch it
Life will be boring if you love someone, see
sad poetry
بہت خیال رکھتے ہیں وہ اپنے دل کا
ادھر نہیں لگتا تو ادھر لگا لیتے ہیں

He cares a lot about his heart
If it doesn’t fit here, we put it here
sad poetry
دل تو خاموش ہی رہتا ہے سینے میں
شور تو دھڑکنوں نے تیرے نام کا مچا رکھا ہے

The heart remains silent in the chest
The noise of the beats has kept your name
sad poetry
یہ انتظار کے لمحے یہ بے قرار سا دل
تیری طلب میں تڑپتا ہے تیرے یار کا دل

This moment of waiting, this restless heart
The heart of your friend yearns for you
sad poetry
تعجب سے مجھے لیکن مگر یہ دل نا جانے کیوں
روکا اس موڑ پر ایسے کے جسے گھر ہو یہ اسکا

I wonder why this heart does not know
Stop at this point
sad poetry
پھر اس کے بعد یہ بازار دل نہیں لگنا
خرید نیچے صاحب غلام آخری ہے

Then after that this market will not be interesting
Buy below sir Ghulam is last
sad poetry
ہم وہ باز نہیں جو ہر شکار پہ گرتے ہیں
یہ دل کی چاہت ہے ہم لاکھوں میں کسی ایک پہ مرتے ؟

We are not the hawks who fall on every victim
This is the desire of the heart. We would die for one in millions.
sad poetry
دل خود بخود تجھ پر فدا ہوا
کم بخت شوق سے تباہ ہوا

The heart automatically surrendered to you
Less fortunate was destroyed by passion
sad poetry
مجبور ہوں اپنے دل کی دھمکیوں سے
کہتا ہے یاد کرو اسے ورنہ دھڑکنا چھوڑ دونگا

Compelled by the threats of my heart
He says to remember him otherwise I will stop beating
sad poetry
دل کی دنیا کچھ اور ہی ہوتی۔
کیا کہیں اپنا بس چلا ہی نہیں ۔

The world of the heart would have been something else.
Didn’t your bus go somewhere?
sad poetry
عمر لگ جاتی ہے احساسوں کو الفاظ دینے میں
فقط دل ٹوٹنے سے کوئی شاعر نہیں بنتا

It takes ages to put words to feelings
No one becomes a poet by heartbreak alone

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