The Top 5 Virtual Office Backgrounds for Video Recording

Your choice of background is particularly important when recording video. When you post a video, more viewers are likely to watch this content over a longer period of time. Using a light-colored virtual background that has a simple design can mask any visible glitches and minimize distractions. Here are five of the best virtual office backgrounds to use when recording video content.

Clear Wall

A clear wall background can be one of the best Teams backgrounds to use in recorded videos. This minimalist and modern design eliminates visual details that could draw attention to rendering errors. Halo effects and motion blur are most likely to occur if you move while recording video with a virtual background or record in a location where your camera could capture other movement.

Using a simple background design and pointing your camera at a blank wall or screen can allow for optimal virtual background performance. You should also ensure that the lighting where you are recording is bright enough to create contrast. A clear wall background or similar virtual backgrounds are ideal for capturing video footage.

Central Park View

If you prefer to record with an urban background that could be recognizable to some viewers, consider using a background with a view of Central Park in New York City. This background can provide visual interest with minimal distraction.

You can use a Zoom background with company logo to display branding in a recorded video. Including a logo clearly indicates the creator of a recorded video and can make brand identity consistent across video content.

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A skyline view can be another way to add visual interest while minimizing distractions and rendering errors. Choose from premium backgrounds that reveal more or less recognizable skylines from global cities such as Dallas, Dubai, Rotterdam, Seoul or Sydney.

One of the advantages of using a skyline virtual office background for Teams is that these background designs typically depict cities in daylight conditions. Bright backgrounds generally look better on recorded video, especially when you also record on-camera footage in a well-lit location.


The Berlin background design does not include a skyline view, but features a white wall and stylish German office decor. Backgrounds with light colors and low-key decorative features are ideal for recording video.

Many global city-themed backgrounds can be ideal for video recordings. You are likely to get the most stable performance from simple designs that do not feature a lot of visual details.


A textured wall can be a good middle-ground between plain and detailed backgrounds. The Vancouver virtual background features a white brick wall with space to display a logo. Windows provide natural interior light without introducing distracting exterior details.

These five background designs are all bright and relatively simple. For the best results, record in front of a blank wall or screen and set up enough lighting to look natural against your chosen background. Consider buying a premium package of virtual backgrounds to experiment and determine which designs you prefer to use for recorded videos.

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