Sad Poetry in Text(Copy Paste)2023

On the first page of Urdu poetry, you will hear the voice of your heart, we will listen to the voice of Yani love in the evening sadness, your sadness, your sadness, every time you feel is the best Shayari. will receive. here you can read the best sad poems from famous poets in the world. As you read this read, you will feel emotions in your heart. you can read lines 2-4 of the sad poem here. Here you can text and text the best sadness and love poems in life deep urdu to your loved ones from here. And can also share on social media and upload.

Do you have the poetry of every poet?

We have every poetry including the poetry of Allama Iqbal, June Ilya, Attock, and the top poet of Bis Tarhan on these pages that you can read.

Are you Urdu lava and poetry of languages ​​​​on these pages?

Apart from Urdu poetry, poetry in B and other languages ​​has been done on these pages and poetry will continue to be in new languages.

Will you give ghazals instead of poetry?

Han Ji Up will continue to upload ghazals of every language on this website.